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Feb. 13th, 2005


Back to live journal!

Well i haven't updated my journal for ages that's because i also have a Blog!!! yay!!!
tomorrow is valentines day!!!!!!!! This year is different for me as i have someone to be with!! woooohooooo! Matthew is my valentine!!! his sooooooo cute and we have been together for about nearly 4 months!!! my longest relationship with someone!!! His so nice to me and treats me like a princess!!! Dam i love him so much!! *hug*
Things have been pretty boring! I have found out that i can go on the net on my new comp!!! yay!!!
Went to the city with mom today to buy a dress for the wedding she is invited to!!! But i don't think i will go i don't even know the people!
Next saturday is Gia's birthday party and i don't know if i can go yet! But still in the process in begging my mom!!!
Can't think of anything to write! blah blah blah!!!

Jul. 24th, 2004



today has been good in some parts.....
well i went to sat school in the morning, then i went to the city to watch the fashion show.... it was really good. i loved it
i would go again......
but when i was waiting to go home these to korean middle aged guys walked passed me and was swearing like hell and i didn't pay any attention to them....
but then one of them asked me for a lighter.....
and then i say "i don't smoke" (in a bitchy tone) and then they were swearing at me like heck......
man i hate them so much.... they couldn't really speak english well
but they were so mean to me.........
man i hate it when guys are like that to girls
but that's not the end of the story....oh no
then i walk away to the round about and cross the road and they follow me.....
and then i stood there waiting for my mom.....
and then he and his friend walks passed me and then his like "i don't smoke" and blow the smoke into my face.....
*eyes start to water*
isn't that like harrasment or something along the lines of that?????????
i hate him so much
i feel all weird and violated......
but over all today has been ok other then that incident......
this world is sick and sad.....
i hate it so much... i hate it more then the word hate it's self oh god there i go again......
man i miss the good old days ........................

Jul. 16th, 2004


ipod's rule the world

well so far i've had a bad day.....
spent the morning in a plane coming home from my trip to china.....
boring as, i had such a bad time there, i couldn't get any worse then what happened to me.
but right now i'm playing with my ipod.....and i can't find the windows tray menu....this sucks....
other then that i have a headache, a really bad one which is makning my head spin.....
yes my life is boring, boring as heck......

Sep. 1st, 2003


oh gosh i wish i was on another planet!!!

Man i am having such a bad time keeping up to my assignments!!! there are so many
and the SC trials are coming up?????
What the heck do i do???
Well is any one out there stressing like me???
i sometimes wonder???
well if there is write to me!!

Aug. 29th, 2003


hannah goes

my friend hannah matthews went a couple of months ago to the mountains
everything is really different now since she left. Everyone at this school is being total bitches. Hannah isn't really enjoying her time at her new school either as they are poppy(no offence to the pops)
But we like punk rock that's all!!!
but hey life can't get any more worse!! or can it???
I can't wait to meat hannah again!!!!!!!

Nov. 15th, 2002


Our class won

Today all the year 9 classes had a debate and yeah
and our class won against the toffee noses (Victoria and co)
well my other friends form my other class won as well which are ausseela and sumeet and anna maira

May. 15th, 2002


(no subject)

Today i am doing a speech and the last time i had food tech there was roches in the bay they were having a little party and hannah was dancing to the music and i was just scared of hannah dancing to the music!!!
well that wasn't to bad but we didn't eat the thing we made which was >>>
I can't remember!!!
cause it sux!!!!

Mar. 5th, 2002


Swimming carnivals sux

yesterday we had a boring swimming carnival!!!
hannah and i was so borad we were playing sos and boxes and hangman now that was how boring it was!!
talk about boring!!!
I nearly finished my history essay!!!
and my english project!!
but hannah and i finished our food tech project!!!

Mar. 1st, 2002


to much home work

we have tooooooooooo much home work it is just unfair!!!
What do we want??
No homework
When do we want it?
Why do we want it?
Because it is boring even know it is good for you!!!
well this is my day

Feb. 13th, 2002


friends are having a fight

well today my friend hannah and kat had a fight
because of a cheese fight and yeah there not talking as always
but hope there friends soon!!!CHEESE IS A GOOD WEAPON!!!!!!!

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